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South Carolina: In Dependency Case, Commission May Not Presume “Fornication” Occurred

In an ancient decision (one year older than me), Day v. Day, 216 S.C. 334, 58 S.E.2d 83 (1950), the Supreme Court of South Carolina, reflecting the general moral mindset of the time, held that a woman cannot be considered … Continue reading

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Nevada Employer Need Not Show Knowledge of Specific Medical Diagnosis to Recover from Subsequent Injury Fund

In Nevada, under Nev. Rev. Stat. § 616B.578, in order for an employer to receive reimbursement from the state’s “Subsequent Injury Account,” it must prove that that it had knowledge of a preexisting permanent physical impairment that would support a … Continue reading

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29-Month Delay in Filing North Dakota Claim Bars Recovery

The Supreme Court of North Dakota recently affirmed an ALJ’s finding that the filing of a worker’s claim some 29 months after the work incident was not timely, and, therefore, no compensation could be awarded [Lechner v. North Dakota Workforce … Continue reading

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New York Court Says Attorney’s Ex Parte Text Message to Physician Was Harmless

In a divided decision, a New York appellate court recently held that the state’s Workers’ Compensation Board abused its discretion when it excluded from the record a physician’s medical report and his deposition testimony, based upon the fact that claimant’s … Continue reading

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