Arkansas Opt-Out Scenario—Still No Text in the Introduced Bill

As I indicated here in an earlier post (March 29, 2017), the Arkansas workers’ compensation “opt out” bill exists only as a shell, with literally no details contained in 2017 Senate Bill 653. As of today, that is still true. Whether we see a bill similar to the contentious Oklahoma law that was struck down on constitutional grounds by Oklahoma’s Supreme Court, some sort of Texas “opt-in” arrangement that allows all employers in the state to avoid workers’ compensation coverage altogether, or nothing at all, remains to be seen.

As most of you know, I’m not too plugged in with the various state legislatures. I do note that according to Statescape, a nationwide state legislative tracking service, the Arkansas legislature is currently in recess. Scheduled to reconvene on May 4, 2017, only to adjourn one day later, I wonder if passage of any opt out/opt in bill is even possible. Readers from the Razorback state, enlighten me (please). Am I missing some important political nuance?

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