Durham, NC: Recovering from Appendicitis

As a number of my friends and colleagues already know, I’ve been out of commission for the past nine days.  I underwent surgery eight days ago for a ruptured appendix.  A few days thereafter, shortly after I had been discharged from the hospital, I developed a rather significant fever and needed to be readmitted for some additional treatment related to an abscess.  I returned home yesterday afternoon and I’m now slowly getting back into the saddle.  Trusting that none of you are waiting with bated breath, nevertheless, let this short quip serve as a notice of my intent to post something soon.

Best wishes,


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  1. Robin Kobayashi says:

    Tom, on behalf of LexisNexis and the Larson’s Advisory Board, we wish you a speedy recovery! It sounds like you had a horrible experience. We look forward to reading your blogs again.

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