The Real Reason LeBron is Moving to the Lakers!

There are some who point out that LeBron is getting ready to pay the highest taxes in his life (with a $154 million contract, he can afford it), that he should have gone to one of the Florida or Texas teams to maximize his economic take, but I think I’ve unearthed the real reason LeBron is moving to the Lakers: He’s solidifying the jurisdictional issues regarding any potential workers compensation claim for repetitive motion injuries. As many of us know, California is a haven for professional athletes when it comes to comp claims — don’t think indemnity, remember lifetime medical benefits. Some athletes from teams outside of California, however, have been unsuccessful based on rulings that they have had insufficient contact within the Golden State. Playing a season or two in L.A. will make LeBron’s claim easy to file (let me know if you can’t feel me pulling on your leg).

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  1. MV says:

    Since I read this article sitting at my desk at work, now I have the opportunity to file a comp claim because of the strain on my leg from being pulled.

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